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Put your crown on

"The sufferings of our present life are not worthy of being compared with the glory that will be revealed in us." Romans 8:18

Ponder these three hidden treasures found in this scripture and it's address. The number 8 in scripture means new beginnings, God's glory is waiting to be revealed within us and your current suffering shouldn't be dwelled upon. 

Activation – 

Therefore, take to heart this treasure and put on your crown, embrace your transition and let God continue to release His greatness stored within you.  


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Why is it that we can see the beauty of a Thoroughbred in others, but we can't see the Thoroughbred with in us?

Consider this, could it be because the only person in the room we cannot physically see, IS us? 

No wonder we can struggle to discover who we are. 

But be assured there is a Thoroughbred of greatness inside you. Next time you're asking the question, "Who am I?" Make sure those you have around you celebrate, explore, respect and support you. They see you and will speak to the greatness within you. 

What race are you meant to run?



There are only TWO men I would passionately run off to be alone with; my Man & my Heavenly King. 

Both pursue me & love me, yet only ONE of them has known me since the beginning of time. 

It’s His love that has redeemed me, restored me and clothed me in a righteousness robe. And it was because of His love, that I was handed the keys to the Kingdom. 

I am His beloved and He is mine. My beloved Kings name? Jesus.

Who are you giving your time to?