Jesus, as your covenant bride, I BOLDLY take full AUTHORITY granted to me by You, to cleanse and heal this land. 

Therefore, in Jesus Christ’s name, I sever any and all communication between the strongman over this property and his reinforcements against everyone in it. 

Thousands of years of history have passed here; from the time the first human being stepped foot on this land until present. 

I command every foul spirit, whether territorial or non-territorial, invited or uninvited, to leave this property now, never to return. I put you on notice. though you may have been granted legal access in the past, you no longer have legal right to inhabit this property, and I command you to vacate it once and for all, in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Lord, I ask for you to open the books and identify all that has defiled this land; every inner vow, word of slander or haughty attitude; any spiritual abuse, covenant abuse, spousal abuse, emotional abuse, elder abuse, abuse of workers, comparison, every competitive spirit that takes down another; all, bitterness, rebellion or iniquity, and I ask that it be revealed in Jesus Christ’s name and annulled and cleansed off this land. 

Lord, bring up out of the darkness and expose anyone or anything on this property that did not nor does not honor Jesus name. I ask that any voodoo, sorcery, witchcraft, murder, manipulation, word curses, or deception be revealed and dealt with in Jesus Christ’s name. 

I welcome every righteous act of honor given to those who have gone before us. I ask You to cleanse this land of all unrighteous worship made to any physical or spiritual ancestors.  

I ask You to cleanse this land, this time and the spiritual lines connecting us with those who have gone before us, and I plead the blood of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I bring every curse, every sin, whatever violence done against others, or whatever wrong responses were made due to pain and I ask every covenant, every agreement, and every contract with the powers of darkness to be annulled. I bring them under the cross of my Lord Jesus Christ. 

Lord, I dedicate this land to you. Bless the four corners of this property and this house. May it be Your sanctuary. Cause this property to thrive by Your very presence here. 

May Your peace reign in this place, Holy Spirit––In this year 2018, may Your Boldness and Joy become a very powerful counterpunch against the voices in media speaking out with any hatred and bitterness. Show us how to tip the scales of conversations, words, and teachings, so that we are filled with Your wisdom and solutions. 

Lord, open Your portal from Heaven. Bless this land to release a revival of revelation and bless it to accelerate Your will in this great nation. As competition and comparison fade, may unity rise-up among the body of Christ––Your Bride. 

Bless every hand, every foot and every heart that steps onto this property. Bless those who dwell here in both their comings and goings, and bless every Kingdom seed thrown out into the nations, as well as sown upon this land. 

May all those who stand on this property come forth in your name, and may all heaven and earth see them and rejoice in Jesus’ name. 

And may the mantel stored within your Bride rise up in this Land and may blessing upon blessing flow richly.


In my Savior, Jesus Christ’s name, Amen

Rom. 8:20-22, Matt. 28:18-20, 2 Cor. 10:4, Prov. 9-10