Access to the video of the 4 week class –– From the Symptoms to the Secret

Access to the video of the 4 week class –– From the Symptoms to the Secret



September 18 – October 9 • 10am-12pm

Conventional wisdom says, if you ignore your feelings and work harder to modify your behavior, your triggers will cease to exist. Right? WRONG! This class will help you travel from the symptoms to the secret, the origin of your pain, where true healing begins.

When something derails you and sets you off, this class will give you the tools to ask, WHAT AND WHY? What was that “something” and what made it so powerful? Why did I behave like a child? Why do I yell? Why do I isolate? Why do I avoid conflict? If you don’t ask the right questions, you will keep wondering: Why don’t others respect me? Why am I not heard? Why do good things happen for everyone else and not for me?

A Trigger is something that activates your emotions, but instead of you controlling them, your emotions control you.

 If you don’t address the source driving your emotions, they will continue to rule and exasperate you and those you love. Join others who have experienced breakthrough and collateral healing in implementing From The Symptoms to the Secret. This class and the materials provided are valuable resources for your healing journey.


  • Process your triggers

  • Grow in emotional intelligence, and

  • Experience power and personal freedom

Don’t let one more minute go by. Start processing your triggers this semester.

This $75 class will include all books and materials needed.

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