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Through OUR birthright, we have been given authority in Jesus name to heal the land and bless our territory. When I wrote this prayer I had no idea that it would be sent all over the world. May it fortify and seal your God given authority to take back the land and may it be a tool through which you partner strategically with the Lord. 

Beatitude Blessing

Recently at a prayer and worship gathering for leaders, the Lord strategically had me pray the Beatitude scripture from Matthew 5:1-16 over these women. That evening before the event I wrote out this special passage in a prayer form. After the event that evening many asked for a copy. I love how the Lord ministers to the heart of His Bride.    


This past season the Lord began to show me the authority embedded within my Birthright. With this I learned demonic strategies over areas such as hospitals. Death defiles the land of every hospital, but God has given us the power to thwart the enemies schemes within seconds. May this prayer be a sword in your time of need.

Emotional Soul-Ties

Last year I heard one of the best messages on soul ties by Stasi and John Eldrige.  You can download the Soul Tie message or listen to part 1 and part 2 via podcast on their website. I wanted to provide the prayer they shared on this message, it has been powerful in my families life. Both my husband, I and both my girls have this prayer memorized. If you listen to this message and quickly want access to the prayer you can always come back here and find it.